Rulers Of Nations

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To join the program, follow these steps :

  • 1 ) Register for an Affiliate account on E-junkie (this is free and immediate): clic here

  • 2 ) Click on this link to be added to the list affiliates of Eversim (Eversim is the vendor of Rulers Of Nations - Geo-Political Simulator 2): clic here

  • 3 ) You will arrive at Affiliate Admin;

  • 4 ) Click Get Affiliate Code;

  • 5 ) Choose "Eversim" in the The Select Merchant menu lists the Affiliate programs you have joined:

  • 6 ) Select from the menu "Get products specific affiliate links" the codes you want to get: you can get the product sold in US$, or in Euros.

  • 7 ) Copy the selected link into your own HTML web page: then each time someone will click on it, he will be transfered to the product selling page and if the user buys your product you get your commission on each sale.

    • Note that the E-junkie affiliates system keeps active the customer referral cookie for 6 months! So, if your visitor decides to buy the product directly from the vendor's website within 6 months of their original visit via your link, you still get the commission.

    • Note that, in rare cases, if a customer has been refunded (or if his payment was not cleared finally), the corresponding commission will not be due nor paid (and if it was already paid to the affiliate, it will be deducted from next payment).

  • 8 ) To prepare your web pages you can use without limitations graphic materials (banners, logos, images,...) from this page

Need more help to become an affiliate ? clic here, see our FAQ page

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